Do you ship to California?
Yes. We will ship full sets of tracks to a verified business address in California.

Do you ship to Alaska?
Yes. Alaska is a very large market area for us and we will happily ship tracks to Alaska for an additional fee.  Contact Us for an exact shipping quote.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping to a verified business address is FREE for full sets of tracks. If you cannot come up with a business address,  we can deliver tracks to a residential address for an additional $150-$350. Contact us for more info.

What happens after I place my order for tracks?
When checking out, please pay careful attention to the year, make, and model of your machine. If we have questions on the fitment, we will call you after your order is placed in order to review your machine specs and verify that the tracks you ordered are the proper fit for your machine. In about 2-3 days after your order, we will email you with specific tracking information so that we can schedule the delivery date.

How long does it take to receive my tracks?
This will vary depending on the time of year and your location. Current shipping time is approximately 10-14 days.

How do I receive the tracks?
The tracks will arrive packed on shrink wrapped pallets. The truck driver is not responsible for helping to unload them, so you will need to be prepared to unload them yourself. Unloading with a forklift is ideal, but they can also be fairly easily unloaded by hand with two people.

How does shipping work?
The flat rate of FREE is for shipping to a verified business addresses. Because the tracks are delivered by a large semi truck, they can have a difficult time reaching a residential address. The business address you provide does not have to be your own, it can be any business where someone is present to accept the delivery. If you cannot come up with a business address,  we can deliver to a residential address for an additional $150. Contact us for more info.

How long is the Warranty?
Camso track systems are covered by a Best-In-Class 2 Year Limited Warranty. Click Here to view the Manufacturers  Warranty.

Will my ATV/UTV fit on my trailer or in the back of my truck with Camso Tracks Installed?
Click Here for detailed information regarding machine length, width, and height with tracks installed

Do I have to make modifications to my ATV/UTV to install a Camso track system?
No—in most cases, you’ll need some hardware and brackets. Consult your installation guide for more information.

Will the tracks handle mud, snow, and rocks?
Yes, and almost anything else. The tread design and extra surface contact you have with track systems give you outstanding traction on soft terrain like deep snow or mud and a great grip on rocky surfaces. Track systems also distribute weight better, providing maximum flotation to keep the vehicle from sinking in snow, mud, sand, or swamp.

How long do the tracks last?
Tracks will provide many, many miles of enjoyment and service. Track life, just like tire life, depends on a number of factors, including vehicle weight, speed, and the kind of surfaces you travel on.

Will a track system make my ATV/SxS more likely to tip?
No. Although you gain about 4 inches of vehicle clearance with a Camso track system installed, the additional weight near ground level and the longer, wider wheel base actually increase stability.

How long does it take to switch between tracks and tires?
After the intial installation ofyour track system, changing back and forth between tracks and tires requires about the same amount of time as simply changing tires.*

How much power does it take to use these tracks?
Less than with tires! Camso track systems have very low power requirements, and with the undercarriage design, you gain torque. How? The undercarriage drive sprocket is smaller than your ATV tire (by about 1/3). This gears down the power to a drive ratio that delivers more power to your tracks.

When I change my ATV/UTV, will I be able to transfer my track system to my new machine?
Yes. Camso track systems are designed to be installed on almost any 4x4 ATV or UTV (SxS model). Transfer kits are available from Camso to upgrade your track system. Click here to learn more.

How easy is it to steer my ATV/SxS with a Camso track system?
Steering is about as easy as it is with tires, except when driving very slowly or through heavy, wet snow or thick, deep mud.

* Installation time may vary depending on vehicle make and model.