How to measure if your ATV or UTV will fit on your trailer or in the bed of your truck with Camso Tracks installed

Are you considering purchasing some track systems for your all-terrain vehicle or your side-by-side? Or maybe you just got a new vehicle that you’re planning to use with the track systems you already own. In either case, you’ve come to the right place. One of the most common question track systems owners have is: will it fit in my trailer or in the back of my truck? Or will the height of my vehicle fit through the door of my garage or of my enclosed trailer? Indeed, track systems will increase the overall size of your vehicle and is a great point to have in mind. Let’s connect all the pieces together to find the right measurements of the offset and clearance of your vehicle on track systems. Good news is, it’s not rocket science!


First things first:

As you may know, our track systems for ATVs and UTVs have been developed to fit on most vehicles on the market. Whether you’re purchasing new track systems for your current ride or changing vehicle and keeping your track systems, here’s the information you’ll need to have handy:

Vehicle details
• Make and model
• Year (size may vary from one year to another)
• Vehicle dimensions

Camso track systems model you own or plan on buying

Camso ATV T4S
Camso X4S (fits on both ATVs and Small/Mid-Size UTV's)
Camso UTV 4S1

Inside measurements of what you’re using to haul or store your vehicle
• Flatbed trailer
• Enclosed cargo trailer
• Pick-up bed
• Garage door

2. How to measure length, width and height of vehicle on track systems

Installing track systems on your vehicle will have an impact on its length, width and height, so you’ll need the measures of system offset and ground clearance.  You can find measurements for all of the Camso Track Systems in the table below. It includes details on system offset and clearance.


How to measure if Camso tracks will fit trailer

How To Measure To Fit Your Trailer - Length

How To Measure To Fit Your Trailer - Width

How To Measure To Fit Your Trailer - Height

Length of your vehicle on track systems
• Track system offset, front (blue) + Wheelbase (black) + Track system offset, back (blue) = Overall length (grey)

Width of your ATV or UTV on track systems

• Hub faces width (black) + Track system offset width, both sides (blue) = Overall width (grey)

Height of your ride on track systems

• Front: Hub axle to top of vehicle, front (black) + ground clearance, front (blue) = Overall height, front (grey)
• Rear: Hub axle to top of vehicle, back (black) + ground clearance, back (blue) = Overall height, back (grey)
• Highest between front and back = Overall height