Your Camoplast / Camso track system is interchangeable with over 99% of brands and models.
You can keep the same track system and install it on your new machine.
It’s another way to maximize your investment and your driving pleasure.

Drive sprockets geared to your machine

Camso tailors track systems individually to match your engine and machine. The size of the drive sprockets we provide in your track kit are specifically engineered and adapted to your specific vehicle. They maintain maximum speed and improve low-end power.

Camoplast & Camso Track Transfer Kits

Anti-rotation and brackets

Our anti-rotation system is designed with a factory pre-loaded spring and dual rubber damper that keeps your tracks firmly in place and ensures your machine’s performance.

♦ Rear track spring anti-rotation system allows you to back up over obstacles.
♦ Built to absorb the impact of every bump and jolt to prevent vehicle damage.

Quick and easy installation and removal

With a few basic tools, you can get the recurrent installation done in an hour or less.†

† Average installation time varies depending on vehicle make and model.

We offer a complete Transfer Kit / Installation Kit /Mounting Kit Program for all 2009-2023 Model Year Camoplast and Camso ATV and UTV Tracks.

One of the best features of the Campolast/Camso Track systems is that they are transferable to nearly every machine on the market. So whether you purchased used tracks from a private party, or are looking to upgrade your current machine, we can provide you with the parts you need to make it work.

Every ATV/UTV Transfer kit is a unique situation, so we need some information before we are able to provide a quote. Many factors go into determining what parts you need in order to transfer your ATV Tracks and UTV Tracks from one machine to another. For instance, the machine that your ATV Tracks came off of may be an independent suspension, and  your new machine is a rigid suspension. This scenario requires more parts than if you are transferring from one independent suspension machine to another independent suspension machine. Also, maybe the UTV Tracks came off of a Can-Am and you want to put them onto a Polaris. The hubs on the Polaris are different from nearly every other manufacturer out there, so your new UTV Mounting kit will include the 4 Polaris hubs that you need.

The pricing for a ATV or UTV transfer kit is a flat amount based solely on what type of suspension the machine the tracks are coming off has, and what the suspension is on the machine that they are going on. There are only 4 different scenarios , and the price is the same flat rate regardless of how may parts your particular situation requires. Also, there are some situations where you only need a couple of parts such as mounting brackets. If that is your situation, we will quote you the price of the parts only, as it will be less expensive than a complete Transfer Kit.

  1. Independent Suspension → Independent Suspension
  2. Independent Suspension → Rigid Suspension
  3. Rigid Suspension → Rigid Suspension
  4. Rigid Suspension → Independent Suspension

A couple of very important points to know before moving forward:

ATV Tracks can only be transferred to another ATV - they will not work on a UTV
UTV Tracks can only be transferred to another UTV - they will not work on an ATV
If the model year of your tracks is prior to 2009, we likely won't be able to get you the parts you will need.

In order to provide you with an accurate price quote, every transfer kit quote and order requires the following information:

  1. Exact Year, Make, and Model of the machine the tracks are coming off of
  2. Exact Year, Make, and Model of the machine the tracks are going on to
  3. The serial number off of one of the tracks

Please complete the Transfer Kit form below and we will get right back to you with a quote.

We Offer Transfer Kits / Mounting Kits / Installation Kits for the following Camoplast Tatou and Camso ATV & UTV Track Systems

Camoplast UTV 4S1 Installation Kit
Camoplast UTV 4S1 Transfer Kit
Camoplast UTV 4S1 Mounting Kit

Camso ATV T4S Installation Kit
Camso ATV T4S Transfer Kit
Camso ATV T4S Mounting Kit

Camso UTV 4S1 Installation Kit
Camso UTV 4S1 Transfer Kit
Camso UTV 4S1 Mounting Kit

Camso ATV R4S Installation Kit
Camso ATV R4S Transfer Kit
Camso ATV R4S Mounting Kit

Camoplast Tatou ATV T4S Installation Kit
Camoplast Tatou ATV T4S Transfer Kit
Camoplast Tatou ATV T4S Mounting Kit

Camso DTS 129 Installation Kit
Camso DTS 129 Transfer Kit
Camso DTS 129 Mounting Kit